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Posted by kazmi on July 13, 2021

Everyone dream about getting success in their life and people usually look out for shortcuts which is obviously not an appropriate option. Money earned through other ways leads nowhere, it is better to go up through the proper way. Talking about becoming successful, real estate has been a confirmed way of becoming affluent and wealthy. Buying secure land on which a person can build his property, is an amazing way of investing. Property can be built for rental purposes or for sale. In the real estate industry, it is extremely important to make permanent customers. To ensure this, try making eye-catching property and bring innovation to the industry.

In business, the market place is always changing, and not only it evolves in terms of people’s choice of living but they also want variation in infrastructure. Usually, the real estate market changes with time, so it is important to keep up with the new trends of the market. Similarly, the risk of loss is minimum in real estate investment. Eventually, when the market improves, so does the value of a property. Thus, there is no chance of losing all the investment in the real estate market. It is a better option for investing in real estate as compared to investing in other business markets.  

Choose your market and timing of investment

To become a successful realtor, it is important to stay in touch with the nationwide realty news instead of encapsulating your knowledge in the local market. In addition, work can also be influenced by factors and new trends going on in the real estate market. A good rule of thumb is to elude investing in burning up markets to become a successful investor. As a rule, hot markets do not always gain popularity in a short time but they take time which can result in loss. 

Some realtors would also brag about the increasing value of their property or increasing rates of the property but actually, it is a risk of losing your money. The real estate industry moves in phases because of varying economic profits and housing cycles also vary in different markets. Therefore, it is better to find such markets where there is a chance of growth and an increase in sales and price is possible. It is necessary to keep, your focus on the locality of property in which you are interested, either to sell it or to buy it. It is best to invest in those areas which have a high population and are developing with all the basic facilities.  There are some qualities of an area that need to be kept in mind before planning any investment.

  • Low Crime Rate: People often tend to buy a property that has a low crime or zero rate because everyone wants safety and secure environment. So, choose an area that has a high-security protocol to elevate your rates and worth of property.
  • Availability of medical care and schools: Having schools and medical facility is a must for everyone.
  • Access to parks, leisure destinations and transportation: Parks, restaurants, and access to public transportation are essential. It is always better to keep in mind every kind of audience while investing in a property.

If your property has all of the above-mentioned facilities, then there are high chances that your property will get attention and people will like to take a look at your property which can result in purchasing it. Also, avoid investing in those areas which depend on a single economic driver. The reason is that if that driver fails anytime in the future, the value of a property will also decrease which can cause a heavy loss. 

Evaluate market rates

Before diving into the real estate industry it is better to take a look around you and analyze all the pricing details. Do not compromise on rates, if something does not suit you, then it is better not to risk your money on such property. Rates vary according to housing societies and location of commercial areas but it is wise to keep your rates in between, neither too high nor too low. The purpose is to attract the target audience and people have a tendency to go for medium pricing offers. If you are interested in investing in housing societies then good options are Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad. These societies have a great amount of variation in rates and property’s worth. Similarly, houses for sale in Islamabad range from lacs to crores, depending upon their location. It is always better to stay in between rather than being on extreme sides. 

Explore your target market wisely and actively. In addition to buying a property, it can be considered as a tip to buy a house or plot from a distressed seller because in this case, you can get the property below the standard rate of the market. As a result, you can save a fair amount of money. Moreover, houses that are already in auctions will be needing a lot of repair work, so it is better to buy such houses which are not yet introduced in the market, and the owner has to sell them on an urgent basis. You can also lookout for houses through a reliable real estate agency where you can get multiple options for renting, purchasing, and selling your home. Do not limit yourself to only one particular market instead try exploring additional options as well to get what you desire. It is always the best option for consulting the realtors for getting the options that you cannot get yourself. Penetrating the market is one of the biggest challenges in the buying, selling, and renting of any property. If you successfully achieve this goal then you can consider yourself halfway through the procedure.

Comprehend your capital cost

If you are fresh in the business world of real estate then, it is critical to know your costs upfront. It is not just about the cost of realtor’s commission and the cost of property but you also need to pay for repairs and being a new in this field, you may not be very familiar with the market trends and cost. In addition to, if you start doing minor repairs yourself then you are making more complications because many problems like plumbing, electrical issues are not easy to handle and expertise from expert are required. If there remains any fault in the house then it would become impossible to sell your property. In order to make your purchase, budget your costs properly and add closing costs, insurance and other repairing expenses.         

Understand your market

One way of avoiding complications while investing in the real estate market is to study the market and understand its rules and regulations. This will help you in evaluating the price of an investment.  Besides, it helps in knowing the cost of a house and gives an idea that how much you need to charge. Additionally, renovated houses and properties are much more appealing than worn out buildings.

In order to attract customers for house sales or rent, you better not reduce the size of bedrooms and washrooms. Decreasing the size of a closet is a bad idea because people need more storage space these days. Try choosing an area that has future prospects for growth in real estate markets such as Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad. In these areas, there is a high chance of good turnover if you rent out your property. Prices of houses for sale in these societies vary according to the area or sector of the property. If you are trying to invest in the real estate industry, then it is a good option that you invest in the houses which are on main roads because they have high demand in the real estate world.


Risk management

To begin with, starting a business is not everyone’s cup of tea. A person needs enormous knowledge of real estate in order to put his money into the business. The risk of losing in business is as high as getting huge profits from the business. It is always best to search all the aspects of reality rather than just jumping into the market. Remember when buying a property, keep one thing in mind that more percentage of a down payment is good as it eliminates the chances of private mortgage and other interests based charges. Coupled with keeping a large amount of cash in reserve, you can easily decrease the risk of loss in the field. 

Having a good amount of cash at hand, you will manage to pay for various unexpected repairs which will help you in handling the budget. Another option is that a person can go for a loan to fix the property. Subsequently, it will rule out the possibility of having an adequate profit margin due to the interest rate on the loan, which again would not be a very successful investment. With time, you will learn to manage risks in a fair way that can significantly make higher chances to become a successful realtor in the real estate industry. Generally, the rule to buy any property is that if the calculations do not suit your budget in a positive manner then you need to back off and restrain from buying that property.

Remember! Never become infatuated with any property, you are not the one who is going to live there but someone else would live…So beware of the risk forbearance. After evaluating all the consequences, take a step and purchase the property.      


Indeed the most frequently made mistake in the real estate industry is that people tend to make their property the best in the area. Whereas as a fresher in the field, always aim for the best class of the realty because that will give a margin for evolving and molding your business. Try fixing up things in the real estate industry and make small changes that must not be very costly but do a significant job in highlighting a new aspect of the business. For instance, renovating a deteriorating building in a new way can be very encouraging for the new members of the business industry. Always remember that starting from scratch is way better than taking shortcuts and then collapsing at once. 

Go for best in class----not “the best”

Maximize value of real estate

Search more ways for maximizing the worth of real estate by eking out more benefits for the same investment opportunity. Innovating ways does not require a huge investment, for instance, you can also rent a small place to a bank for installation of an ATM machine. Also, you can buy a small place for renting it out to a private company to run their business. There can also be another way of making profits such as buying a house and renting it out to a tenant till you get a potential buyer for your property. This is called turnkey rental property and it is easy to sell this kind of property because new investors want hassle-free investment in the industry. 

Know the rules and regulations of real estate investment

Always gather full information regarding rules and regulations because without knowing rules, you can violate laws which can end you up losing your property. Don’t try renting your basement if you are not sure whether you are allowed to do so or not. Moreover, never assume that you can make additions and subtractions in the building because you need to gather all the information regarding construction like what changes you can make in the building. It requires a permit that allows you to bring changes to your property. Some changes like adding another storey in the building because that might not be allowed to build as per restrictions applied by the rules. 

Invest in non-traditional real estate area

While investing in the property, keep in your mind that capitalizing your money does not always settle down in equal proportions on every type of property. For illustration, we can say that profits earned by the residential property are less than profits earned by commercial property. However, it depends upon the cost of investment because e if you are capable of investing a good amount of money then it is suggested that invest in commercial property. It will always give you a good turnover as compared to residential property. Additionally, the commercial property requires low maintenance and residential property requires more of it. There is another advantage of investing in commercial property that it hardly loses its worth. As far as residential property is concerned, it may lose its value with time due to more development around the area as it would follow more modern architectural designs and infrastructure. So, houses, flats, and condos need regular renovation to upgrade their infrastructure and design to meet the ongoing trends in the market. Commercial properties do not frequent up-gradation as it has less demand for modern designs. 



To conclude, the real estate industry is a great opportunity for investing your money and having profits and financial success in a relatively short period. To become an investor in the real estate market means achieving a goal of being financially independent. Real estate offers better cash flow than any other business. Though it must be kept in mind that careful investments can only save a person from bankruptcy, dreams of getting rich, and tycoons in the real estate industry can fall apart because of carelessness and shortcuts.

There are two types of properties one is commercial and the other is residential. These days, people are more inclined towards buying a property and renting it out which gives them a steady cash flow that indicates that they have invested in the right place. Buying plots and selling them at profitable rates is also a common practice but rates vary and sometimes due to multiple reasons, rates get low instead of getting high which is can be considered as a fail attempt of investment. Hence, this will increase the risk of poor cash flow which can instill problems of repayment of debt. Therefore, it is always the right thing to consider all the aspects and key points of the property before investing in it. If the property is less expensive, the ongoing expenses would also be less. 

Above all, the easy way of getting into the market of real estate is to consult an expert in the real estate industry who knows the pros and cons of an investment which can help you in making a wise decision. For professional help, you can also come to us for expert opinion and analysis. Venture Agency is a real estate firm that deals in buying, selling, and renting all types of properties. You can visit us at our head office located at sector- F, DHA Phase 1, Islamabad, or you may contact us on the given number on our website. We hope that all your goals be achieved by you in the future, soon.    

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